Travel Guide Myanmar You Should Know For A Successful Trip

Myanmar has become a new tourist heaven in recently and the tourist scenery has changed remarkably since the first days when the country opened up to international travelers. Here’s our travel guide Myanmar with useful tips and everything you should know for planning your Myanmar travel.

1. Getting there

Myanmar Visa: Travelers from 100 countries can apply for an e-visa, which means that you certainly have a visa in advance your travel Myanmar. It takes about 5 working days from applying to receive your visa. It’s valid for a period of up to 28 days staying in Myanmar and costs you US $50.
Fly in: Yangon is the main point of entry for travel Myanmar with international flights from Chang Mai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Tokyo Singapore and 3 Chinese airports, including Kunming, Guangzhou, and Beijing.

2. Currency

Currency is one of the most important points of travel guide to Myanmar you have to pay attention. The local currency of Myanmar is Kyat; however, US dollars are also widely used. The current exchange rate is one dollar for 1,300 kyats. Nevertheless, many Burmese people apply the rate of one dollar against 1,000 kyats in common transactions.
Some places in Myanmar only accept payments by kyat, which means that you have to bring the local money with yourself. You can change your money for kyat at airports, banks or your hotel/guesthouse. Notice that your banknotes need to be new to easily exchange. If not, they will be refused.
There are many ATM in big cities such as Yangon and Mandalay, and a few in smaller towns; however, some of them are out of service. Credit cards are only accepted in luxury hotels and large restaurants.

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3. Price

Travel Myanmar is considered a little more expensive than that in its neighbor countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, particularly in terms of accommodation.
The rate for a double room in a luxury hotel is US $200 and more per night. It costs US $25 for double one in a low budget hotel. For a bed in dorm room, you have to pay US $10. Make sure that in high season you book your room at least a month in advance not to bear the too high price.
The price of food and drink, in contrast, is more affordable, especially in street stalls and small local restaurants. With US $10 per day, you will be served quite generous meals with delicious traditional Burmese dishes. If you want to unwind with beer, it will cost you the US $1.5 – 2.

4. Dress Conservatively

As Myanmar is the country of Buddhism, most of the locals dress conservatively and cover their shoulders and legs although it’s hot there. Long skirt, elephant pants, and T-shirts are recommended for visitors, which are suitable to enter religious sites. You should also wear flip flops to easily remove before coming in pagodas. Bring some cleansing wipes for your feet after leaving there.
The traditional costume of both Burmese men and women is Longy skirt, which is a large piece of fabric wrapping around their body. This unique clothing is a wonderful way to cope with very hot weather in summer in Myanmar, when the temperature may be higher than 40oC.

5. Local traditions

When you have your Burma tours, you may be surprised by two predominant local traditions throughout the country: Thanaka painted on girls’ faces and men chewing betel nuts.
Thanaka is a totally natural cosmetic product, make from bark and serve as a sunscreen. Burmese people consider as miracle powder for beauty, which not only protects their skin from sunlight but it also makes the skin healthier.
The red stained pavements are a consequence of spitting red colored saliva after chewing betel nuts. You can see people eating betel nuts anywhere and anytime. Smiles with red-dyed lips and teeth have become a very typical image of the Golden Temple Country.

6. The food is awesome

Burmese cuisine is a harmonious mixture of Chinese, Indian, Thai and the local quintessence. Fermented tea leaf salad, San noodles, curries and spicy dishes are some of the characteristic ones of the country which are unique and delicious. The first is also mouth-watering and a great, fresh option in most restaurants.
Some points of travel guide Myanmar for eating: choosing local dishes (as they are appetizing as mentioned above), using chopsticks and telling the staff if you don’t eat something.
Travel Myanmar is really a wonderful experience but is still quite new to mass tourism so do not expect that everything in Myanmar is as professional as those of the other countries which are very experienced in tourism such as Thailand. Instead of thinking about disadvantage, it’s better for you to remember useful travel guide Myanmar and start your trip to enjoy a charming and pristine Myanmar.

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