Chewing betel - An Interesting Custom Of Myanmar

Among its many interesting traditions reflecting the national identity of Myanmar, chewing betel plays an important role in the ethnic culture of the Burma.

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The custom of betelling in Myanmar
Just like Vietnam, Myanmar also offers a custom of betellingChewing betel is an interesting tradition. Having the same agricultural practice as other Southeast Asian countries, Myanmar is not yet too developed, retaining its charm of yesteryear. The consumption of betel is shared by all and everywhere in this country. Chewing betel has become a national habit of Burmese people. This custom is a part of the daily life of local people. People of all ages here eat betel whenever they have free time. They even eat betel when waiting for red lights. However, how to consume betel can be different from one person to another. Some people swallow the betel juice while others prefer to spit it.
During Burma tours, if you see red splashes scattered all over the street or even in luxury hotels, do not be surprised. That is quite normal here. Burmese men prefer chewing betel than smoking.
Due to the considerable consumption of betel in Myanmar, the trade in betel is highly developed. Tourists can find many shops or small colorful stalls where well-prepared betel is sold. Local people usually get together in these shops to chew betel and chat together. It is also a moment of relaxation to recharge oneself after a stressful day.

In Myanmar, one of the most popular sites for betel followers is Nay Pyi Taw. This place is known for the distribution of wholesale betel leaves.

Chewing betel has been a national practice in Myanmar for a long time. Today, this consumption is the subject of intense controversy. Indeed, according to research, chewing betel can cause cancers of the mouth. However, most Burmese say they are aware of the danger but continue to observe this practice. For travelers, the red smile is a beautiful part of the Burmese culture.


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