Safety Tips For Solo Female Travel Myanmar

If you have planned for a Myanmar trip, travel agencies are willing to offer you a variety of travel & tour in Myanmar. Choosing a package tour is, of course, a good idea, particularly in case you are a non-experienced traveler. However, if you are a woman who loves freedom as well as independence, and a spirit of adventure, you may think about making solo female travel Myanmar. In this case, we recommend some safety tips to you so that your trip is really safe and happy.


Generally, making solo female travel Myanmar is quite safe. There are few records of personal attack and sexual assault to foreigners in Burma. International travelers are almost completely secure in the areas they are allowed to visit. Nevertheless, it’s hardly certain that there is no risk to you if you make your solo female travel Myanmar. The following will be a useful pocket for you.
Get fit: Women are not commonly high appreciated in their strength while traveling is quite hard. It will take you a lot of every when walking around with a huge bag on your back. As a result, doing exercise before your Burma trip is necessary in order to not only improve the quality of your travels as you can do more without being tired but also improves your chances of warding off attackers. Even you are on your solo female travel Myanmar, do exercise regularly to feel better and having more energy.
Dress down: A scantily clad female draw men’s attention so much. Although women in a beautiful and sexy dress are usually praised, you must consider your locations and its norms. Standing out in a place still unfamiliar to you is not a good idea. In terms of culture, Myanmar is the country of Buddhism, where too short outfits or bare shoulders are considered offensive. If you do not attract some unwanted attention or accusing looks when having Myanmar travel, put on shirts with long sleeves or dresses covering over your knees.
Overt Attention: Like dressing down, it’s better for you to avoid any actions which will draw more attention to you, such as saying loud in public places, wearing precious jewelry or showing off too much money. As a solo female traveler, you may attract some unruly characters if your actions draw too much attention.
Stay Alert: It’s a good idea for you to be aware of your surroundings and your belongings. If anyone stops you on the street, check to make sure that they do not try to put you off the scent for pickpockets. If you bring a lot of bags with you at the bus station, connect them to each other. Solo female travelers often become the gray of theft more than man or people traveling in a group.
Don’t Over Drink: In fact, you will have little chances to over drink when you are having Burma tours as there are very few bars and only in big cities in Burma. However, if you are dropping in these bars, know your limits. Do not try to get pressured into imbibing more than you can. In addition, do not take drinks from people who are strange to you since you never know what might be in it.
Group walk: Making friends with solo female travelers like you is very useful advice. You should walk in a group, especially in evening. Remember that a foreign girl walking alone may draw a lot of unwanted attention.
Religious site approach: Women are not allowed to approach some particular parts at a number of religious sites. For example, they cannot touch the golden rock at the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda although they are free to move around it. Moreover, you can have friendly conversations with monks but avoid physically contacting with them.
It’s expected that traveling should the same between men and women. However, a world of cultural differences leads to the truth that women must always have more guard. Remember the tips mentioned above so that your solo female travel Myanmar is really safe and successful.

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