The Best Address Of Cheap Bagan Restaurants In Burma

The ancient capital of Bagan is a mysterious land where visitors must visit during their Burma tours. The specialties of the region testify to the wealth of Burmese cuisine. There are many addresses of cheap Bagan restaurants that are known not only by the local population but also by tourists in Burma, for example the Queen Restaurant, Harmony BBQ, Golden Emperor, etc. A common point among these famous restaurants is that their dishes are delicious and the price is really affordable. What more?
Addresses of delicious and cheap restaurants in Bagan, Myanmar

1. Queen Restaurant - Best restaurant in Bagan, Myanmar

• Address: Bagan-Nyuang U, Bagan
• Telephone: 6160176
• Opening hours: 08:00 h to 22:00 h

Queen Restaurant in Bagan
This famous restaurant in Bagan Myanmar offers extremely varied menus with different types of dishes, including Asian, European or Thai. Of course, do not forget the traditional Burmese dishes such as green tea salad, green tomato salad, Shan rice, etc.

The restaurant draws many tourists to Bagan, Myanmar
This restaurant is very spacious, airy, so it is an eating place not to be left out during your Bagan tour. Here are reference prices of some typical dishes that represent the Burmese gastronomy in this restaurant:
• Traditional Myanmar Salad: 1,000 kyats
• Grilled chicken: 5,000 kyats
• Roast duck: 5,500 kyats
• Pizza with Tomato, Cheese and Mushroom: 5,500 kyats
• Carbonara spaghetti: 4,000 kyats
• Grilled chicken in pieces (5 pieces): 5.000 kyats
• Myanmar beer: 1,800 kyats
• Tiger beer: 2,000 kyats
• Fruit juice: 1,000 kyats
• Smoothie: 1500-2000 kyats
• Beef Steak: 6,500 kyats
*** Note: The national currency used in Myanmar is kyat, pronounced "chat", with an exchange rate: $ 1 = 1,200 kyats.

2. Golden Emperor – The great restaurant in the ancient capital of Bagan

• Address: On the main road Nyaung Oo of Bagan, Wet Kyi Inn Qr, Bagan.
• Opening hours: 08:00 h to 22:00 h.

Golden Emperor – The great tasty restaurant in the former capital Bagan
The Golden Emperor Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Bagan, Myanmar. Here you have a multitude of choices of both international and Burmese gastronomy. The dishes are extremely rich and varied. The atmosphere in the restaurant is quiet. It is an ideal place to relax after an exhausting day spent exploring the ancient capital. Here are some delicious but cheap foods in this typical restaurant of Bagan:
• Russian salad: 2,500 kyats
• Myanmar Chicken Salad: 3500 kyats
• Carbonara, bolognese pasta: 4,000 kyats
• Burgers: 4,000 kyats
• Chinese Roasted Duck: 5,000 kyats
• Steak: 7.000 kyats
• Hawaiian Pizza: 5,000 kyats
• Cream soup (vegetable): 1,500 kyats

3. BBQ Harmony – The restaurant known for its grilled courses in Bagan, Myanmar

• Address: Bagan, Myanmar
• Telephone: 09444004288
• Opening hours: 9:30 am to 10:00 pm

A restaurant specializing in barbecues in Bagan, Myanmar
As its name suggests, this restaurant specializing in grilled products is one of the cheapest ones in Bagan. It is the choice of the majority of tourists who go there. Grilled meat and fish on skewers here are delicious, but the price remains very affordable. You only need to spend 1000 to 3000 kyats to have a good meal. The kebabs are made from pork, beef, lamb, seafood and typical vegetables of Myanmar. It is an opportunity to sample the Burmese gastronomy.
Another good thing about this good cheap restaurant in Bagan is the whole staff, made up of very handsome, smiling, enthusiastic and charming men.

4. Golden Myanmar - A well-known address of the local population in Bagan, Myanmar

• Address: Nyaung Road, Bagan
• Opening hours: 09:00 h to 22:00 h

Golden Myanmar Restaurant
Located in a very convenient location and close to many attractive sights in the ancient capital of Bagan, Myanmar, Golden Myanmar Restaurant serves traditional dishes with bold flavors of the Burmese cuisine. Travelers in Myanmar can eat à la carte or choose a buffet. The price of a buffet at the restaurant is about 3,000 kyats / person. The favorite drink here is lemonade, served at the price of 500 kyats / glass. But it is necessary to remind you that the dishes in a buffet in Myanmar are mainly made from pork, beef, soup and salad as in Vietnam, but there is a lot of oil and curry flavor. If you are traveling to Bagan and can not eat curry, do not try the buffet.
For a perfect Myanmar travel, you should inquire via other sources of information. The Burmese gastronomy is very rich and tasty. These addresses of cheap Bagan restaurants are just a small part of the countless addresses of reputable restaurants in the old capital of Bagan in Myanmar. Add yourself to other places by making your own tour in Burma; you will see the country in a very different view.



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