Myanmar Travel - An Unforgettable Experience

Myanmar – the Golden Land in Asia, a country known for its thousands of temples and also for its magnificent historical ruins. Making a trip to Myanmar is an opportunity to have unforgettable experience about the country and friendly people there.

Admiring the sunset on the U-Bein Bridge, the sunrise in Bagan, immersing yourself into the flow of people whose faces are covered with the powder of Thanakha and tasting cheap and delicious local food are interesting and unforgettable experiences during your Burma tours.

Contemplating the sunset on the U-Bein Bridge

A trip to Myanmar also means that you will have the opportunity to watch sunrise and sunset in exceptional places.
The most famous place where you can watch the sunset is the U-Bein Bridge in the Mandalay area while Bagan is the perfect place to enjoy the first rays of the sun. If you are going to visit the long and ancient U-Bein Bridge made from teak wood in Myanmar to admire the sunset, you will find yourself in the middle of a golden orange space covering the bridge. In addition, you can rent a boat floating on the river to dive into the beauty of sky and water. In Bagan, there are magnificent historical ruins and restored centuries-old temples. Sitting at the top of the temples, you will definitely have a unique experience waiting for the first rays of the sun at dawn. You will be lost in the land of fairies with ancient and mysterious temples. To watch the sunset at U-Bein, you will need to rent a boat for a price of 10,000 to 12,000 kyats. You will have access to the best photographic angles. If you are traveling to Bagan in your tours in Burma, you will need to ride a horse or hire electric bicycles to tour in and visit the magnificent temples.

Enjoy the first rays of the sun on the natural and majestic landscapes of the mystical Bagan


Enjoy the feast on Inle Lake

For some travelers in Myanmar, watching dawn on the Inle Lake is a very interesting and very impressive experience. Here you will have the opportunity to participate in the traditional festival. You will see sophisticatedly decorated boats, hundreds of men wearing traditional Longyi skirts swaying on the music. The festival on the lake has brought a new atmosphere to the common quiet and virgin life of this region. Making a Myanmar travel and attending local festivals give tourists the opportunity to enjoy lunch on the lake, then visit weaving villages, tobacco plantations or admire the shaping of jewelry. It is said that souvenirs sold on the Inle Lake will bring good luck to people. It’s more significant that you give the gifts of memories to relatives and friends!

Traditional festival on the Inle Lake of Myanmar

Make-up using Thanakha powder as real Burmese

During your tours in Burma, you will be impressed by the painted faces of people here. This is a unique feature of the Burmese. Indeed, to cope with the extremely hot climate of this country, the cream of Thanakha is used as a miracle product to protect skin. The cream of Thanakha, traditional cream of Burmese people is completely natural. This cream is considered a sunscreen, which can moisturize the skin under the hot sun. Moreover, this cream also helps people deal with skin problems like acne and redness. It also serves as a beauty care product in the daily life of the entire population. In any place you go during your trip to Myanmar, you will see women, elderly people, children and even young boys with the make-up face of this cream. There are also all-natural yellowish lotions made from the bark of the trees, which are applied directly to the face. You can use these without fear of irritation. By going to Myanmar, you can try the creams or bring them as a gift for your beloveds.

Impressed by the adorable face Thanakha

Enjoy a cheap buffet

Making a trip to Myanmar, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the breakfast buffet of many delicious traditional dishes. You will be fascinated by a wide selection of dishes from diverse cuisines all over the world for about 4USD. Normally, when you eat a buffet, you will pick up your favorite dishes yourself. However, in Myanmar, you will be served at the table. The restaurant staff will bring the next dish when you finish the previous one on your table. A typical traditional buffet here includes meat, soup, rice and vegetable salad.

Taste wine in Nyaungshwe, Myanmar

Come and discover the delicious wine made in the small village of Nyaungshwe. You can rent tucktuck cars towards the farm Red Mountains - a farm specializing in the cultivation of grapes for wine. Here, you can freely visit wine-making factories or taste them. Especially from the top of the hills, you can admire the whole city and enjoy the fresh air. The wine is delicious and, if you want to try it, restaurants can offer you different selection menus.

Enjoy delicious wine in Red Mountains in Myanmar
Making a trip to Myanmar brings unique and unforgettable experiences. The Country of Golden Temples surprises us not only with its exceptional landscapes, its rich historical culture and its authentic charm but also by the simplicity and kindness of the local people. Come and explore this beautiful and exotic country.

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