The Top Of 5 Most Famous Restaurants In Yangon Myanmar

A trip to Myanmar is to explore not only interesting tourist destinations but also the cultural traditions as well as the beauty and generosity of Burmese people. Through tasty and delicious food, you will appreciate the fascinating richness of Burmese cuisine. Here are the top of 5 most famous restaurants in Yangon Myanmar that you should definitely make a trip to Myanmar.

Since its opening in recent years, Myanmar is considered a potential market for tourism. The number of tourists coming to Myanmar is increasingly greater so that accommodation and catering services are better invested to meet the needs of tourists. Many types of restaurants and hotels grow like mushrooms. During your tours in Yangon Burma, do not miss the opportunity to discover the Burmese cuisine in 5 restaurants listed below.

1. Pan Swel TAW - Restaurant and cafe

Swel TAW Pan - Restaurant and café is one of the famous restaurants well-liked by tourists in Burma. Here, one can easily find traditional dishes of the Burmese cuisine such as Shan rice, green tea leaf salad, Shan pasta, etc. The foods and drinks here are also very diverse. You will have a variety of choices depending on your tastes. The restaurant has a clean and airy space. In addition, after the meal, you can enjoy a tea cup in a quiet corner of the restaurant. This restaurant is considered one of the typical restaurants when you visit the city of Yangon in Myanmar.
Address of the restaurant: 228, Rue Ahlone, Yangon Myanmar

The restaurant in Yangon has a clean open space and many delicious dishes to choose

2. L 'Opera Italian Restaurant

As the name suggests, the L'Opera Restaurant serves Italian dishes with the flavors of the country. There are typical Italian pasta, Italian-style corn porridge, pizzas, etc. In particular, the architecture of this restaurant is unique and impressive. It is the combination of both western and eastern cultures. The attitude of the staff is also another highlight of the restaurant. Servers who are attentive and welcoming guarantee maximum comfort and satisfaction. L'Opera also serves delicious imported wines from Europe. If you want to enjoy the taste of Europe during your Myanmar travel, this restaurant is for you.
Restaurant Address: 20, Thu Kha Waddy, Yangon, Myanmar.

Impressive design inside the L'Opera Restaurant

3. Blue Elephant Restaurant Blue Elephant

Located in the city of Yangon, the Blue Elephant Restaurant is also an exciting dining place for travelers to Myanmar. In this restaurant, you will fall in love with a selection of the most delicious foods. The food is mainly made up of traditional dishes from the ethnic groups in Burma. Typical dishes are tea salad, Myanmar curry, Shan rice dishes, noodles with tofu, etc. You will appreciate the rich Burmese cuisine in the green space of this restaurant.
Restaurant Address: 519 (A), Pyay Street, Thirimingalar Lane, Yangon, Myanmar

The simplicity of some restaurants in Yangon brings a familiar intimacy to tourists.

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4. Le Planteur Restaurant & Bar

This restaurant is located near the Nikko Hotel. It is considered a luxury restaurant reserved for rich locals and visitors. The menu of this restaurant is extremely diverse, from ethnic cuisine to dishes all over the world. On your way, you can freely choose the food with different flavors. The restaurant is designed and decorated quite impressively; the harmonious layout brings a real attraction for tourists. Being considered the ideal place for affluent people, the restaurant also has a bar to satisfy the need of the visitors. It is a dynamic destination and promises many interesting things for travelers to Yangon, Burma.
Restaurant Address: Rue Sein, near Hotel Nikko, Yangon, Myanmar

5. 50th Stress Bar and Grill

The restaurant is located in the vibrant city center of Botataung Township in Yangon. But here the restaurant brings a relaxed, friendly as if you were in your own home. The colors of this restaurant are warm and natural. The layout inside the restaurant is also very interesting with a huge bar, surrounded by stools and a selection of newspapers and magazines. It is considered one of the typical and interesting restaurants in Yangon.
Address of the restaurant: 9/13 Rue Oth, Botahtaung TSP, Yangon, Burma

50th Stress Bar and Grill
If you have the opportunity to make a trip to Yangon in Myanmar, you can dine in the popular restaurants to enjoy delicious dishes that testify to the authenticity and appetite of the Burmese cuisine. Diving into this journey of culinary discovery, you will create your own unforgettable experiences in Burma.


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