A trip to Myanmar, the homeland of unique characters

Today, Myanmar is one of the destinations of Southeast Asia. It attracts a large number of tourists each year, and the number of Burma tours has increased year by year. What have made it successful? You will certainly find the answer by making a trip to Myanmar.

Making a trip to Myanmar and contemplating this sacred land of Buddhism, you will be amazed and conquered by the beauty of its landscapes, its mysterious temples and its exceptional culture.

Costume as one of the unique characters

Myanmar is like a "sleeping beautiful girl" because the country still retains a charm of yesteryear, and the Burmese costume is a part of this charm. During your Myanmar travel, you will be surprised to see men wearing a skirt formed by wrapping a large piece of fabric around their waist. This is called Longyi and most people of Myanmar wear it to fight again the hot weather here.
Another beautiful feature of Myanmar is the people with their faces painted white on all the streets of the country. The white powder called Thanakha is taken from nature and used for all age and sex groups. It is an effective product against the sun and therefore a miracle beauty care of Burmese people.

Myanmar retains a charm of yesteryear

Burmese cuisine

Like the Indians, the Burmese are used to eating by hand. However, a spoon is also available on the table so that the left hand is always clean. The food here is a mix of Thailand, China, India and other foreign cultures, but Burmese people still retain a unique character of the country in their dishes.
The desserts and snacks in Myanmar are also very interesting and sold much on roadsides. Unlike the desserts of other Southeast Asian countries, Myanmar's sweet dishes do not contain too much sugar, but rather mix ingredients such as coconut, coconut milk, rice flour and various fruits. It will be a memorable experience for you to enjoy the delicious dishes in your trip to Myanmar.

Burmese gastronomy is much influenced by many different cultures, but still retains its national distinction

Places to visit

You will not find any country like Myanmar. A trip to Myanmar will make you discover the unmissable sites in the country. You can immerse yourself in the beauty of golden temples and idyllic villages in the deep calm of nature. Everything flows gradually in the darkness. At this moment, a nostalgic feeling will arise and you will not stop thinking about the past.

The Golden Rock on the mountain
trip to Myanmar means traveling to the heart of the sacred land of Buddhism. If you want to admire a unique natural beauty, savor delicious dishes and feel the love of the friendliest people in the world, do not hesitate to make a Burma trip.

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