Myanmar Street Foods - A Treasure Of Burmese Cuisine

Myanmar is known not only for its famous people, culture and the beauty of landscapes but also for its cuisine. Some street foods such as nangyi Thoke, koh PUO are prepared simply but still have certain appeal for travelers.
During your Burma tours, you will easily see the deliciously tasty foods sold to every street corner. These dishes are often inexpensive and reflect the simple and peaceful life of the people of Myanmar.

E Kya Kway

This is one of lovely Burmese breakfast street foods, made from fried rice powder. It seems quite similar to Quẩy, a type of Vietnamese food. This dish is usually served with tea, coffee, soup or fish noodles. You should really try it drung your Burma travel.

Bein Mont cakes


This is a favorite traditional pudding in Yangon. Made from flour of sticky rice, coconut and fried almonds, they are wrapped in banana leaves.
This cake resembles Chinese Tangyuan or Japanese Mochi cakes and is usually served at the Thingyan festival.


Koh puo snacks are made from black or white sticky rice, grilled on charcoal. This dish is served with a type of syrup made from black sugar.

Samosa salad

It is a main course in the culinary culture of Myanmar. The flavors and ingredients of each samossa are different, based on vendors’ own receipts. However, it is often in the shape of triangular fried bread. On its face is a mixture of potato, turmeric, bean, cabbage, shallot and tomato. Add a few leaves of fresh mint or coriander, and a few drops of lemon juice for better taste.

Nangyi THOKE

It’s a type of dry noodles, using slightly thicker noodles and served with chicken, fish steaks, hard boiled eggs. They can be seen in many sidewalk restaurants in Yangon.


The Roti comes from India, and is made from materials such as butter, sugar, milk, eggs and flour.
Located between India and China, Myanmar is more or less influenced by many cultures. Traditions and the Burmese cuisine under the influence of these two powers make delicious typical dishes. This is why the beauty and richness of the Burmese gastronomy can be found in every corner of Myanmar.



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