A unique Wedding Custom in Myanmar: the Chicken of fortune

Marriage is usually one of the most important ceremonies in a person's life. In Myanmar, marriage is made even more memorable by the presence of the chicken of fortune, which is undoubtedly a unique feature of Burmese matrimonial customs.

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The unique Myanmar wedding custom with chicken bone
Like marriages in many places, the marriage in Myanmar follows basic rituals such as the fact that boys first meet with village chiefs in the evening, the marriage is often organized before the wedding, when dawn does not shine.
If a boy wants to marry a girl, he must please her family. If the girl's parents agree, young people must find the right day to organize the wedding ceremony. On the morning of the wedding, people perform a divinatory ritual to predict the fortune and the family happiness of the couple with the chicken bone.

A Wedding in Myanmar
Myanmar Wedding Ceremony
During the ceremony, the bride and groom eat in the same tray. At the end of the wedding party, the bride is brought to her husband's house by friends. Then the bride must symbolically pound the rice. It must also carry a load of water and pour it into a pot. The groom, on the other hand, also fills jars. Earlier, the groom also worked symbolically at the bride’s house. That day, after cooking the rice wine, the bride will sleep at the groom's house. The next morning, she goes back to her mother's house.
The Ko-ê ethnic people do not have a ritual of the first intimate night for the couple. After marriage, they live separately for another 15 days to a month. The day they go to work in the house of the other and rest at their own home in the evening. If the husband wants to sleep with his wife, he must do it in secret. It takes about 15 days to a month after the wedding ceremony to live openly as husband and wife.
This ethnic custom also allows couples to marry twice. The first time when they are young, the second time when they have 3-4 or 5-6 children together.

Here they strictly observe the regime of monogamy. They do not allow adultery. Married women who flirt with other men will be despised by everyone or maybe even killed. And these adulterous men are also subject to a village fine. They must kill a cow as compensation for the betrayed husband.
Myanmar is a beautiful, unique and interesting country. This country has retained its ancient cultural values and the charm of yesteryear up to now. The wedding ceremony in Myanmar, the chicken ritual to predict marital fortune, is a part of the beauty of Burmese culture. A trip to Myanmar is undoubtedly a circuit that reserves a variety of mysteries for tourists.

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