How To Make An Economical Myanmar Trip

Going to Myanmar for the first time is an interesting experience. But if you want to prepare your own Myanmar trip without doing via travel agencies, what are the tricks to follow to have the most economical one?

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Currency and ticket price

In Myanmar, the national currency is kyat. A USD is equivalent to 1,300 kyats.
About airline tickets, it is recommended to book at least 3 months in advance. Ticket prices vary according to airlines which generally apply a seasonal pricing policy. Inquire about low-season periods for a cheap ticket. It should be remembered that the price of departures in the week is often much lower than that of the weekend. If you are lucky, you can find promotional tickets at $ 0. (You will just have to pay the airport taxes).


It is said that hotels are expensive in Burma. However, the Internet is a rich source of information. To avoid being surprised during your Myanmar trip, it is best to check prices of accommodation. We advise you to book your hotel before your departure because the Internet network in Burma is not very reliable. Some reputable booking sites are such as Agora,,

The food

Myanmar has many appetizing dishes. The Burmese cuisine is indeed a combination of Thai and Indian cuisines. The dishes in the street markets are often at a very affordable price to tourists. During your Myanmar trip, do not forget to try local desserts that are both tasty and cheap.


In towns and cities of Myanmar, you can book a taxi from the hotel. Taxis in Myanmar are often cheap, and the drivers are very enthusiastic about supporting tourists.
In Bagan, you can choose between taxis, bicycles and horses.
For long trips between cities, the bus is an ideal option. Its service is acceptable but does not have toilets. These vehicles stop every 3 hours for guests to rest and eat.

Do not forget

The basic things you will need are: camera, battery charger, flashlight, sunglasses, cell phone battery charger, emergency charger, personal items (medicines, passports ...). In addition, you will have to bring long pants, as you will be asked not to wear pants or skirts in the religious sites.

Preparing yourself your Burma tours can be both exciting and economical. However, there are undoubtedly risks and unexpected things that can ruin your trip. Do not hesitate to contact travel agencies for practical advice so that your Myanmar trip becomes an unforgettable experience.


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