How To Book Flights From Yangon To Bagan

If you have no much time for your Myanmar tour while the intended destinations (commonly Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake) are extremely far from each other, traveling by air may be the best choice. Booking domestic flights in Myanmar, particularly flights from Yangon to Bagan, is not so difficult, but it’s not easy as the transportation in the Golden Temple Country generally remains backward compared to some of the neighbor countries such as Thailand. As a result, below we want to share some tips on booking flights from Yangon to Bagan.

General information for flights from Yangon to Bagan

There are quite a few daily flights from Yangon to Bagan severed by domestic airlines such as Mann Yadanarpon Airlines, Asian Wings Airways and Air KBZ. Ticket price is about $95-155, depending on the airline you choose and the booking time (the price is always high at the peak of high season of December every year; you have to book your ticket at least 3 days in this time). It takes about 1h10 for a direct flight from Yangon to Bagan and 1h50 for a non-direct one. Many flights may be canceled in the rainy season (May to October)
The Yangon terminal is Yangon International Airport, which is 30 minutes driving from the city center. However, it will take you 2 hours for that journey in rush time. Traveling by taxi will cost you $7-10. The Bagan terminal is Nyaung U Airport, 7 km from New Bagan. It will take about 15–20 minutes by car and cost 7,000 – 10,000 kyat to travel from the airport to New Bagan.

Tips on booking flights from Yangon to Bagan

Booking online: you can, but be careful!

Although the airlines offering flights from Yangon to Bagan allow customers to book tickets via their websites, some of the websites respond very slowly (even they cannot respond) to your access request. However, there are several airlines that are quite good at online booking service; Air Bagan is one of them.
If you are having a Myanmar travel, we advise you not to think about booking your ticket online. The Internet in the country is always said that “very slow speed” and “instability”. You will never know what could happen to your booking process due to “the Internet error”.
Another reason why we do not recommend booking online your ticket is flight cancellation. Some flights will be canceled without updated notifications sent to you.

Booking via your hotel: a good choice if you can

You, of course, can choose this option if you stay in a Yangon hotel for a particular time. In case you just consider Yangon as a transit place and traveling to Bagan without staying here, the option is impossible. Ask the hotel’s receptionists to book your ticket; they are very experienced. However, note that a small fee may be surcharged for the service (commonly 7% of price ticket).

Booking via local travel agents: the best choice

Local travel agents have a close relationship with the airlines. They know exactly sale promotion programs and flight cancellation information. It’s the best choice for you to booking your ticket via the agents for your Burma tours. Before you travel to Myanmar, google some prestigious names, save their addresses and even contact them if you want more information. Some travel agents in Yangon are Unique Myanmar Travels & Tours, Myanmar Golden Image Travels & Tours, Exotic Myanmar Travels & Tours, etc.
Everything, even very little ones, may contribute the success of your Myanmar trips. As a result, pay attention to the tips on booking flights from Yangon to Bagan so that you would have best travel experience in Myanmar.

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