Tours in Burma: Practical tips for a successful travel experience

In recent years, Myanmar has become a fashionable destination for tourists all over the world, including Vietnam. Making a trip to Burma means having the opportunity to admire the mysterious beauty of the divine golden pagodas or contemplate exceptional view of green landscapes. However, so that your travel experience in Burma is both unique and fun, there are certain golden rules to respect which will facilitate your tours in Burma.


In Myanmar, the local currency is Kyat. There is thus a heap of Kyat notes with different values of 5000 K, 1000 K, 500 K, 200 K, 100 K, 50 K, 20 K, 15 K, 10 K, 5 K and 1 K.
When you are in your Burma trip, you can easily change your local currency in shops located around the Sule Paya Xuang and Bogyoke Aung San market area in Yangon. Of course it will be more convenient and simple if you can change directly at airports or at a foreign exchange office of a travel agency. However, the exchange rate in these places is not as high compared to the outside. Visitors can use US dollars as well as local Myanmar Kyat in Myanmar. However, it is important to know that in some places the Burmese accept only their national currency. So most of the time during your tours in Burma, you will be forced to change your money into Myanmar currency.

Kyat - Local currency of Myanmar

During your trip to Myanmar, if you call a taxi to visit the city, you can negotiate. The estimated price is about 500-1000 kyats. One positive thing about your experience in Myanmar is that taxi drivers are very friendly and they do not rip visitors off. So you can make sure that the price of a taxi is fair enough. This is a big difference from other countries in Asia.
According to the experiences of other travelers in Myanmar, it will be a special memory if you are looking for a gift to bring back to your family. They are easily found in markets in Byogoke or at airports. Shopping in the markets is always a great pleasure. During their tours in Burma, tourists often have the opportunity to walk around the markets before deciding to buy something. Nevertheless, you need to know how to negotiate the price. Ask advice from your guide or local Burmese friends if you want to purchase goods.

Telephone communication

Even if you are traveling abroad, you also need to use the phone. So during your tours in Burma, you can buy phone cards at the price of 20.000kyat, with an available credit of about 20USD. Once the credit is exhausted, you will be able to buy cards at the same price.
Many visitors share their travel experience in Burma when they return from their country. They say that in Myanmar, payment cards are rarely used. It is therefore recommended to bring cash. This will help you to be more proactive if unfortunately your banknotes are rejected due to bad conditions (folded, inked).
As Myanmar is a Buddhist country, the people have deep admiration and respect for Buddhism. When you are in your Burma trip, it is necessary to choose the right outfits for visits to the spiritual destinations of Myanmar. Above all you have to be very careful about your attitude because it is strictly forbidden to point at Buddha statues and speak or laugh loudly in sacred temples.

Correct dress when visiting temples

At present, Myanmar is a relatively open country. Filming or taking pictures in this country is not as strict as before. During your tours in Burma, in most tourist destinations, you can enjoy the photography. However, in some areas, you may need permission to film or take pictures. Sometimes you also have to pay fees. It is therefore necessary to inquire about the regulations of the places you want to visit.
The Golden Rock is a tourist destination not to be missed when making a trip to Myanmar. According to our travel experience in Burma, you will have to take a truck drive to move from the foot of the mountain to its summit as the journey is long and harassing. Often, you will have to wait until the truck is full to leave.

Reach the Golden Rope in a truck to avoid fatigue
The information above is just a part of the tips for visitors who want to make a trip to Myanmar. By following these practical tips, your tours in Burma will be a fun and enjoyable experience in the Golden Temple Country.


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