Souvenirs Of A Burma Trip

Lacquer, textiles, precious stones are essential souvenirs that many tourists want to buy during their Burma tours. They are sold in bazaars, street markets and in shopping centers of big cities. Tourists can also go directly to craft villages to be able to have more products. By carefully learning about some of the golden shopping rules, you will feel secure when you want to buy Burmese souvenirs from local shops.

Practical tips when buying souvenirs in Myanmar

1. Negotiate the price

As in many other countries in Southeast Asia, negotiation is an essential rule which tourists must remember when buying in Myanmar. Although many items are sold in luxury shopping centers at a fixed price, in the majority of roadside markets, sellers will raise the price, especially for foreign tourists. To get a better price, you should check prices at several other stores before your purchase. As a general rule, buyers will pay 30% to 50% lower than posted prices.

2. Beware of counterfeits

Some companies in Myanmar have not yet reached the level of technology to mimic products of international brands. But they still produce low-quality products for sale to local population because these products cost much less. Sometimes, visitors can accidentally buy counterfeit goods of poor quality at their tours in Burma. So if you want to buy luxury items like Myanmar souvenirs, you will have to go to shopping malls or prestigious stores.

3. Be careful when buying precious stones

Gemstone jewelry - favorite Burmese souvenirs of tourists
Myanmar is very famous for the production of brilliant rubies, sapphires and gemstones. Thus, many tourists love to buy gemstone jewelry during their Myanmar travel. Since the opening of the country, the economy of Myanmar has improved markedly. Commercial establishments of precious gems appear everywhere, which has led to bad phenomena that some stores have sold counterfeit rubies, precious stones or jade stones of poor quality. Therefore, if you want to buy a gemstone as a souvenir gift from Myanmar, you will have to be careful. It is advisable to visit shops or companies with a commercial license. Do not forget to keep invoices or purchase orders.

4. Be careful when buying antiques

Another thing to remember when buying souvenirs in Burma is that antiques are not allowed out of the country. Objects resembling antiques must be checked by customs when you leave the country. So if tourists want to buy local craft products that resemble antique items, it is necessary to ask the seller to give you a certificate that this item is not genuine. This will facilitate the passage of customs checkpoints.

Some shopping addresses in Myanmar

1. Yangon

Bogyoke Aung San in Yangon, Myanmar
If you make your Myanmar travel, you cannot help staying in Yangon. In the center of the city, the most ideal place for shopping is the Bogyoke Aung San Market. The market has over 2000 stands selling all kinds of Burmese souvenirs such as arts and crafts, jewelry, clothing, etc.

2. Mandalay

The former capital of Mandalay is also one of the tourist destinations that attract many tourists to Myanmar. The most popular souvenirs are sculptures and statues of the Buddha. If you want to buy them, you can visit the Amara Waddy Market, where the most famous sculptures of Mandalay are sold.

3. Inle Lake

Around the Inle Lake area, there is no modern shopping center. Local people here exchange goods in floating markets that are similar to those in Western Vietnam. By coming here, tourists can buy some souvenir items such as rolling tobacco, Thakhana cream, cloth bags, etc.
Each trip is a unique experience. By bringing souvenirs of your Burma tours to your beloveds, you will offer them the soul and charm of the Country of Golden Temples. Respecting these practical tips will help you to have a comfortable and exciting Burma trip. It’s time for you to gain your own travel experience!

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