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In recent years, the tours in Burma have attracted an increasing number of tourists thanks to the opening tourism policy of the country. Burma is a friendly and mysterious country which will undoubtedly be an inevitable tourist destination in the future. Travelling in Burma means having the opportunity to discover an exceptional Burmese gastronomy-a tasty blend of tastes and colors.

Burmese cuisine has been greatly influenced by the culinary traditions of China and India. However, in terms of its traditional dishes, the people of the Shan, the largest ethnic group in Myanmar, still retain their own identity. Talking about food in Myanmar is all about the unique characteristics that evoke the curiosity of travellers in Myanmar.

Different types of salad - famous Myanmar light snacks

Considering delicious food not to be missed during your tours in Burma, do not forget the different types of salads; especially the green tea salad or tomato salad are at the top of the choices.

Salad - A delicious and typical dish of Burmese cuisine not to be missed during your tours of Myanmar

Visitors travelling around Burma should enjoy the green tea salad at least once. You will certainly have a pleasant surprise when seeing these dishes for the first time.
Indeed, salads generally make us think of snacks with mixed fruits and vegetables. But the green tea salad of Burmese gastronomy has a distinctive yellow color.
The premises use fermented tea leaves with a slightly bitter and sour taste which they mix with a little cabbage, tomatoes, fried beans and grilled peanuts, while adding a little garlic, chili and 'oil. However, this extremely popular food in Myanmar, which is considered a stimulant, can cause drowsiness. For this reason, according to the experiences of other travelers who have traveled in Burma, it is advisable to eat this dish in moderation.
Green Tea Salad - Unique and attractive dish to try at least once when traveling to Myanmar
If you have the opportunity to have a Burma trip, you will not be able to ignore another type of salad. This is the green tomato salad - a popular and typical snack of Inland Lake Myanmar.
The reason why this dish has become popular is that green tomatoes are thriving in the Inle Lake area and that people use this fruit to create a delicious dish. The colors shown in this dish are also more attractive than those of the tea leaf salad and it is also quite appetizing for vegetable followers.

Shan Rice - traditional and typical food of the Shan

Like the Kinh people of Vietnam, the Shan are the largest ethnic group in Myanmar. They not only have a long historical culture but also an excellent gastronomy very characteristic. And one of the delicious traditional dishes representative of Shan ethnic cuisine is Shan rice.

Shan rice - a typical diet not to be missed when travelling in Burma.

Shan rice is like a mixture of rice. The rice is cooked in turmeric water and served with spicy fried fish, grilled peanuts and some seasonal vegetables. Sometimes the fish can be replaced with chicken or simply people add oil, garlic, clove and crispy pork skin.
This unique and attractive dish in Myanmar is usually served with fried rice and spicy sauce. This dish is not advisable for people who cannot eat spicy food. In some restaurants, this dish can be served with a roll of fried rice.

Myanmar Curry - Burmese gastronomy is discovered by a circuit in Myanmar

Curry is the typical dish style that can be considered a special signature of the traditional Burmese cuisine. In Myanmar, these dishes are present almost everywhere, from coffee shop to luxury restaurants. You should really try when you travel to Burma.
There are many varieties of curry to choose from depending on the ingredients, such as chicken, beef, pork, lamb or even seafood ... A portion of curry is often served with rice, soup, Vegetables, salads, sautéed vegetables and other herbs.

Myanmar Curry - Enjoy Traditional Specialties and Features While Travelling in Burma

According to our experiences, during your Burma trip, you should try to eat curry cooked with onions and served with rice, green tea salad, and fried tofu.

Noodles - Delicious noodles that make tourists dream in Myanmar

Vietnam has Pho; Japan has Udon; Malaysia has Laska; Singapore has the Mee. In Myanmar, the locals also have many types of noodles to deeply impress tourists.
If tofu Shan noodles, an attractive traditional Myanmar dish, make us turn heads with sliced golden, shiny pasta with lentils and softly sweetened bean broth, then the dried noodles Nan Gyi Thoke will seduce us by a mixture of water-based curry, vegetables served with hard-boiled eggs, sliced fish, meat and soy.

These unique noodles eaten by most Burmese play an important role in the Burmese gastronomy
You will also need to take the time to enjoy tofu noodles, a unique and exotic Myanmar food. This dish is not like its name at all, but is actually a soup made from green beans with noodles. Remember to mix it before eating. They are usually served with marinated chicken or spicy pork, vegetables and chilies...
And if you do not know what to eat at breakfast during your tour in Burma, then the Mohinga fish noodles, a typical traditional light dish of Myanmar, will be a perfect Myanmar travel adivice for you.
You can find and enjoy delicious pasta dishes that all carry unique and traditional features of Burmese gastronomy in any market, any road or shop in Myanmar, day or night.

Typical and famous street snacks and drinks in Myanmar

The street markets of Yangon and Bagan are places where you can find and taste all typical snacks or drinks in Myanmar.

Extremely delicious dishes to taste during your trips to Burma
The people of Myanmar appreciate snacks made from sticky rice flour fried in oil. Therefore, snacks and typical desserts of Burmese gastronomy are quite fat. However, you can eat them with sweet and sour sauce and lime Juice.
In Myanmar, you can easily find a tea room. A typical tea that tourists absolutely must try during their Burma trip is Tea Mix. It is mixed with condensed milk, but sometimes you can feel a slight taste of black beans in the tea. It is a strange and fascinating drink.

The tea room is also a place to meet the local people of Myanmar. Sometimes it's just to discuss or tell simple stories of everyday life. Tea is usually sold with all kinds of snacks cited above. If the owner of the tea room is Chinese, he will serve you tea with buns with sweet red beans and green beans stuffing.
For tourists with an exhausting day, lime Juice, a refreshing drink, is particularly recommended. These tasty drinks are sold in all shops, cafes, restaurants, fast food and shopping centers in Myanmar.

The famous street snacks not to be missed when you travel Myanmar are Tea Mix Tea, Red Bean, Green Bean Buns, Spring Rolls, Donuts and Fried Bread. Still, they are only a small part of the Burmese cuisine. Traveling is enjoying so do not forget to discover the outstanding and reasonable Burma specialties.



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