The Reasons Why You Should Travel Myanmar 2017

Since Myanmar opened up after five decades of military rule, tourists all over the world have flocked to the “Golden Land” to explore unspoiled beaches, primeval jungle, and majestic temples. The beauty of Myanmar has been remained concealed and gloriously untouched. However, it’s hardly avoidable that the wave of mass tourism may destroy it in the futures. Therefore, if you want to visit a pristine Myanmar, you should immediately travel Myanmar 2017. Here are more reasons why you should have a Myanmar travel this year.

1. It’s cheap

It’s not totally true as you pay more a little when travel Myanmar compared to other neighbor countries. Nevertheless, travel in Myanmar 2017 is certainly much cheaper than western trips. In spite of remarkably increasing numbers of visitors which results in the shortage of accommodation, you can find budget-friendly hostels dotted around the country for an average rate of 25 USD per night. A bed in a dorm costs only approximately $10. In terms of food and drink, the price is very affordable, particularly in case you choose a traditional Burmese meal.

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2. The cuisine is unique

Burmese cuisine is rarely present outside the border of the country, so your Burma trip is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy not only delicious but also healthy food in this country. Burmese is a perfect mixture of Chinese, Thai and Indian ingredients. Some of the famous dishes include Shan Noodles — traditional noodles stir-fried with chicken in bean sauce, vegetables and peanuts; Mohinga — rice noodles in an orange fish sauce; and Onnokauswe — noodles simmered in coconut milk. The Burmese are particularly interested in curries and spicy soups. If you travel Myanmar, you will feel like that you are in the paradise of appetizing dishes.

3. It has stunning islands and beaches

The coastline of Myanmar stretches over 2,000 km, consisting of hundreds of beaches. Among of them, Ngpali Beach is considered as the most beautiful one with white sands and palm-lined shores. In the picturesque scenery of sunset, you can comfortably unwind, rest and watch the fishermen return to the shores after a long journey. Besides, Burma has plenty of other untouched beaches, islands, and coves.

4. The people are incredibly kind

Kind, friendly and hospitable is adjective always given to Burmese people by international visitors. Generally, the locals are not only friendly to foreigners, but they are interested in showing you around their wonderful country. If you travel Myanmar 2017, you will find that you are often approached by the locals just they want to have a warm conversation with you to practice English!

5. It offers real adventure

If you love hiking, you won’t find a lusher landscape than the beaten paths of Burma’s jungle-clad limestone peaks, closed with hidden monasteries and relics of a lost time. Most visitors choose a two-day trip of trekking around the villages of Inle Lake, but for a real experience, go deep into the South to Hp-Pan or Shan highlands, where you can find the spectacular views.

6. It’s the homeland of thousands of majestic pagodas

Myanmar is well-known for glided golden temples and pagodas, which you can find throughout the country. It’s just the ancient city of Bagan which has more than 2200 temples and pagodas. Ì When you travel Myanmar 2017, do not miss Shwedagon Pagoda (Yangon) - the most sacred and impressive Buddhist site for locals; Golden Rock Pagoda (Kyaiktiyo) - a miracle to many devout Buddhists; and other famous ones.
One you have visited Myanmar, you may realize that you actually do not need any reason to travel Myanmar, as the country is so beautiful and charming, and the Burmese people are so kind and hospitable. A Burma trip is totally natural to ones who love beauty and kindness.

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