Best Places To Shop In Tours Of Myanmar

If you tour Burma, do not forget to buy some handicraft souvenirs, made by skilled craftsmen, or other unique ones as the wonderful presents for your beloveds and friends. Here are a number of the best places for shopping we recommend to you so that you can purchase high-quality items in your tours of Myanmar.

1. Ko Than Hlaing Silk

Besides lacquerware, silk is also chosen by a lot of visitors as a nice souvenir in their tours of Myanmar. Although there are silk-weaving workshops in Nampan village, Ko Than Hlaing Silk, a family-owned enterprise, is not quite so crowded out by tour groups. Arranged over three floors is the rickety wooden workshop where you can watch women spin the silk by hand and weave intricately patterned dress lengths on handlooms. Don’t miss the process of extracting delicate fibers from the lotus flower stem. The lotus stem fibers were originally woven into weather-proof shawls for prominent Buddhist monks and now are used by exclusive Italian fabric house named Loro Piana. The extensive shop sells cotton and silk clothing, lotus and silk shawls and scarves in a lot of colors and sizes. Prices are fixed.
Address: Inpawkhon Village, Inle Lake
Getting there: hire a boat
Opening times: daily, 9am-6pm
Payment type: credit cards not accepted

2. Thein Nyo Silk

Amarapura was once a former royal city, which explains why silk weaving has developed there. Thein Nyo Silk is one of the most accessible workshops that you can find during your Myanmar travel. Visitors can wander through the building, watching men dye the silk skeins and supervise the reeling and spinning. In another area of the workshop are women weaving intricately patterned longyi skirts priced at hundreds of dollars. The attached shop sells lengths of cotton and hand-loomed silk in jewel colors, both patterned and plain. There are covetable woolen scarves, plain and plaid which are wonderful presents for men in a smaller room next door. Prices are fixed.
Address: Oh Taw Quarter, Amarapura
Getting there: cycle or hire a horse cart
Opening times: daily, 9am-9pm
Payment type: credit cards not accepted

3. U Ba Nyein

If you are interested in high-class lacquerware created by traditional way, make a visit to U Ba Nyein in your tours of Myanmar. There are 70 people working at the workshop and you can watch the whole process from weaving the bamboo and horsehair bowl frames to etching the intricate designs. The shop sells the whole range of lacquerware, from traditional, eight-sided, collapsible tables to lucky owls decorated in gold leaf. At the back of the shop are its 'special room’ displaying the more expensive artisan pieces. You should go there before 10 am or after 4 pm to avoid tour groups; however, notice that the workshop closes at 5 pm. It will take you at least an hour to watch the production processes for the different types of lacquerware.
Address: Main Road, New Bagan
Contact: 00 95 616 5056
Getting there: cycle or hire a horse cart
Opening times: daily, 9am-9pm
Payment type: credit cards not accepted

4. Ngapali Pearls

Ngapali Beach is not only an ideal place for relaxation, with the stunning sea scenery and luxury resorts, but also the best address to purchase pearls when you tour Myanmar. Here local women sell strings of local pearls (white, black, beige and pink) on stalls located along the beach. A necklace of dyed black pearls will take $20 out of your wallet while misshapen pink pearls cost just a few dollars. Attractive ladles and spoons made locally from buffalo horn and mother-of-pearl boxes are also on sale. The younger women often speak English quite well, so do not hesitate to sit down for a chat to learn about their lives.
Address: Ngapali Beach
Getting there: Walk
Opening times: daily, 10am-6pm
Payment type: credit cards not accepted

5. Bagan Book House

This bookshop may be one of the most special places you have visited during your Burma tours as you can find here the gems in a mess. Indeed, the shop houses facsimile copies of 19th- and 20th-century books on Burma. Some are good photocopies of the originals; others are reprints from the Thai publisher, White Lotus Books. It’s the best find accounts by travelers to Burma and colonial officials.
Address: 100, 37th Street in block north of Merchant Street
Contact: 00 95 1 377 227
Getting there: walk or take a taxi
Opening times: daily, 9am-6pm
Payment type: credit cards not accepted
During your tours in Myanmar, spend your time visiting these places to have the best souvenirs. They will remind you of the charming and friendly Myanmar and the wonderful time you had there when you come back your home.

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