Lifestyle In Myanmar

Making a trip to Myanmar will be a great opportunity to learn about the country as well as communication and work styles in this sacred land. We would like to share with you some information on the traditions and customs of Burma.


The traditional costume of the men and women of Myanmar is the Longyi. They also wear flip-flops. At the workplace, everyone wears this traditional costume. In social life, young people can wear casual clothes.
Myanmar is an agricultural country with a tropical climate. They thus have basic agricultural products resembling those of Vietnam. Rice is the main food for the people in Myanmar. Their food resembles that of Thai cuisine but has a fresher, more spicy and salty taste. If you make a Myanmar travel, you will see that Myanmar people usually eat with the right hand because the left hand is only used for the toilet.
Since the level of education is still modest, environmental pollution and the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in Myanmar are considered to be less severe than those in other countries of the region. As a result, products from agriculture and aquaculture such as vegetables or seafood are considered to be high-quality "clean food".

Children of Myanmar aged 9 to 13 are often sent to temples by parents during summer holidays to study the Buddhist teachings. At the age of 13, the monks will celebrate a ceremony of passage to adulthood. This great event is one of the interesting events in Burmese customs.

Communication and work

Most of the Burmese speak English very well. Students learn English in high schools. Most civil servants, businessmen use English fluently in Myanmar.
The lifestyle of Burmese people was strongly influenced by the English. They start working around 9 am and end around 5 pm. There is also a lunch break or snack between 15-30 minutes but no nap. This is the same for students in schools. Lunches in Myanmar do not include wine, beer or alcoholic beverages.

In Burmese culture, there is also a practice of offering gifts. People visiting Burmese homes or offices will receive or offer gifts, which depends on the relationship between two sides. For this reason, Myanmar businessmen usually exchange gifts with their partners during a first meeting or when signing contracts.
When you make a Burma tours and visit temples, you will be invited to burn incense or offer flowers to the Buddha. In this case, some companies and foreign visitors give a sum of money to the temple managers or put it directly in the gift box. Monks will receive and celebrate a prayer of peace for the guests.

In addition to the tourist itineraries included in the program, foreigners must apply for authorization from the local government if they want to leave the 50-mile perimeter around Yangon (approximately 70 km). In other cities, local authorities will or may not have specific regulations, depending on their security situation.

Above is some information on the lifestyle of people in the country of golden temples. Enjoy a trip to Myanmar to explore its rich culture and Burmese customs. The circuit will undoubtedly bring you unique and unforgettable experiences.

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