The stereotypes of Myanmar

"There is nothing to see in Myanmar", "Myanmar is just a poor country with lots of old cars, where the electricity service is mediocre and where it is difficult to connect to the outside world." These are often thoughts that cross the minds of Western tourists. However, these stereotypes may disappear if they make a Myanmar trip. You really need to make your Burma tours so that you can understand how mystical and extremely sympathetic this scared land is.

A trip to Myanmar can make you have a different viewpoint

Myanmar has been one of the poorest countries in the world. We might see a miserable Myanmar in ruins on TV. However, Myanmar has significantly changed with considerable improvements. The country approaching the outside world becomes more dynamic, more animated and busier than ever.
Walking through the streets of Myanmar, you can see large buildings, shopping centers that are developing gradually or the billboards of major international brands. Right next to the Bogyoke Market, the Parkson Trade Center proves the wealth of shops with craft merchandise. Or by walking along the main road in the center of Yangon, you will see the project of Hoang Anh Gia lai Vietnam, and many familiar brands like Dam Phu My, Pertro Vietnam, BIDV, etc.
Investment moguls are not the only ones whose forecasts are very bright about the future of Myanmar. The Burmese themselves also believe in a better future for their country. If you come here, you will see everywhere that they talk with enthusiastically about the Premier League. They are so confident about the economic and political life of their country.

Not only investors but Burmese also believe in the prospect of development for their country

Significant Transformation

Today, Myanmar has changed a lot. As soon as you leave the plane, you will find that Yangon Airport is as modern as other airports in the Asia region. The train station is small but clean, modern with warning signs.
Due to the fact that the number of tourists make a Myanmar travel continues to increase, hotel and restaurant facilities are also developing, progressively responding to the increasing needs of tourists. Quality of service is becoming better and better. It is said that in Myanmar, there is no the Internet, or in case there is, the connection is extremely slow, so much so that someone wants to explode. But again, on the contrary to “rumors”, tourists coming here will be surprised by the well-equipped hotels with a Wi-Fi system that keeps you active even in Kyaithiyo, located at 1,700 meters above sea level.

Connecting to the Internet and using mobile phones are becoming popular in Myanmar
Besides the Internet, the reception of the telephone network has also greatly improved. Vietnamese operators such as Vinaphone, MobiFone, Viettel can connect with Myanmar's local networks. Although calls from Vietnam to Burma often remain unanswered, if the connection goes through, then there is no problem. It can also be seen that the Burmese use more and more mobile phones in their daily life.
On the road, tourists will find many new cars of recent model instead of seeing old cars as before. Cities are full of more and more striking billboards and advertisements.

Vehicles in Myanmar have improved significantly
Myanmar is probably not the first choice of travelers because of its monotonous travel activities. Tours in Burma offers mainly the trips to temples and pagodas. But for travelers who want to find historical values, who cherish the past which is both nostalgic and peaceful, a trip to Myanmar is probably ideal for you.


Source: The stereotypes of Myanmar

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