Thanaka – the Secret Beauty of Women in Myanmar

During your Burma trip – the country of temples, you will probably see every day in the streets of Yangon, Mandalay, Nay Pyi Taw… the girls whose faces are covered with white streaks. And surely, you will ask what this powder is and what it is used for.

The white marks on the face of this Burmese girl is the unique Thanaka powder

Thanaka – the BEAUTY COSMETIC extracting from NATURE
As we all know, like many countries in Southeast Asia, Burma has an extremely warm climate throughout the year. The brown skin of the Burmese people is easily affected by the sun, especially with regard to outdoor workers. However, their skin remains firm and smooth while women in Myanmar do not use many cosmetics. What is their secret miracle in order to have such a beautiful skin? They use Thanaka powder – the type of "cosmetic" which is one of Myanmar's national products.

The substance of Thanaka derives from a very popular plant in central and southern Myanmar. It is believed that this plant is good for human health. All parts of the plant are fully used. In many places, people still use roots, leaves, and fruits for health welfare. Specifically, the people of Myanmar used this plant extract in various forms of cosmetics to enhance beauty.
The meaning of Thanaka powder to Burmese people
The people of Myanmar consider the Thanaka as a beauty cosmetic product for skin, but this powder also has an important meaning in their daily lives. They believe that applying Thanaka powder to their face will help them avoid evil spirits and bad luck. In other words, this type of flour is supposed to bring good luck to those who use it. This is an interesting part of the traditional culture of the Burmese.

Thanaka is applied to the cheeks, nose, neck, collarbone and even in the ear. Almost all of the skin can be exposed to the sun after being covered with a layer of this powder. The famous product is still used to draw various shapes on the faces of children.
Use of Thanaka powder
The Thanaka has been used for over 2000 years. Used every day, it is considered as an effective and economical beauty product. This powder is effective against skin blemishes such as freckles, acne, pimples, blackheads, discoloration, and makes skin silky.
Moreover, it is said that Thanaka is also likely to increase collagen and elastin (skin proteins) to protect and prevent your skin from signs of aging such as early wrinkles and dryness.
Natural Thanaka does not contain synthetic chemicals and oils used for common cosmetics, thus avoiding allergies, skin irritations, and other undesirable effects. This powder is used by all, regardless of age or sex.

If you have the opportunity to do a circuit in Burma, do not hesitate to try this magic powder. Thanaka can be purchased in popular tourist areas. The use of Thanaka is simply to paste directly on cheeks, forehead, according to your favorite patterns, by hand or with a bristle brush to make the lines of the face bright. You will enjoy a pleasant smell. If you feel a little itchy, do not worry, because this feeling will soon disappear and bring vitality to your skin in a refreshing manner.
However, even if you can not travel Burma, you can buy the characteristic natural cosmetics outside the country. Indeed, these natural cosmetics coming from the Thanaka plant really bring safety and beauty to women in Myanmar. They are rapidly gaining popularity in Asian countries. For Westerners, you can easily find them on online shops. Whatever your reason is, a gift for parents, friends or for your personal use, let yourself be surprised by their simplicity and efficiency.

It is only natural that we call Thanaka the ultimate secret of women in Burma. This type of makeup has become a distinct feature in the country of the temples for a long time. Both men and women use this miracle product as skin care in their daily lives. A trip to Myanmar will bring you unique experiences, meeting friendly people and enjoying a culture that you haven’t ever known before.



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