Top 6 destinations not to be missed in Myanmar

Asia still fascinates you but Thailand is no longer  among the fashionable destinations? You want to spend a unique and dreamlike trip? This year, you are invited to discover another exotic tourist trend with beautiful landscapes, a country rich in culture. Burma has the best tourist destinations to make your dream come true.

Top 6 destinations not to be missed in Myanmar

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda

Located more than 200km from Yangon, the Golden Rock is at an attitude of 1100m. Known as the Kyaikthiyo Pagoda, the Golden Rock is a sacred place for pilgrimage. It is absolutely a must-see tourist spot during your Burma trip. A Buddhist monument hanging from the cliff and the spectacular landscapes in the surroundings are among the most fascinating views of the country. To visit the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, you will have to undertake an epic local truck ride.

Rangoon and the Shwedagon Pagoda

Located between India and China, the city is strongly influenced by these two cultures. Built 2500 years ago, nowadays the Shwedagon Pagoda is the symbol of Myanmar. Its main tower is 98m tall and is covered by more than 30 tons of gold as well as hundreds of diamonds. Its base is surrounded by nearly 1,000 small towers. That is also where many treasures of Buddhism are preserved.
The most ideal time to visit the Shwedagon Pagoda is at sunset. The mystical spirit and the splendid beauty of the places easily impress the tourists. It is also one of the magic destinations not to be missed during a holidays in Burma. For those who are traveling for the first time in Asia, there are various stop-off tour in Burma offered by almost all tailor-made travel agencies in VietNam.


As one of the flagship destinations for all the trips in Burma, Bagan, regconized as a world heritage, is truly a magnificent archeological site with more than 2000 stupas. You will experience an extraordinary experience by contemplating all the best among Myanmar temples from hot air balloons over bagan.
Located on the banks of the Irrawaddy River in central Burma, Bagan was the prosperous capital of the Pagan Kingdom from the 9th to the 13th century. It is famous for many Buddhist monuments such as temples or pagodas. Tourists can walk, ride a bike or a horse cart on the red-earth trails while admiring cultural works.
When visiting famous temples, it is better to get up early to watch the dawn or go to contemplate the Bagan sunset. These are the two most wonderful moments of the day. Our tailor-made travel agency in Vietnam advises you not to miss the following sites if you go to Bagan: Ananda Pagoda and especially the Shwezigon Golden Pagoda. The latter was built in the 12th century as the first gold pagoda in Burma, and today it is the second largest pagoda in the country. Bagan is currently a place of pilgrimage for many Buddhists in the world.
In addition, the services in Bagan are quite comprehensive. Travelers can easily purchase souvenir gifts out there such as: Buddhist paintings, statues, small bells, etc.

Inle Lake

Our customized travel agency in Vietnam will continue to introduce you to another perfect places to visit in Myanmar. Situated at an altitude of 800m, Inle Lake is the second largest freshwater lake in the Buddhist country. With a length of 22 km, surrounded by mountains, this lake offers dazzling landscapes.
The climate there is wonderful and the atmosphere is very romantic, one can visit it at any time of the year. The best period is between September and October. At this time, tourists will have the opportunity to participate in local traditional festivals.
One immediately falls in love with the charm of this floating village. Let yourself be surprised by houses built on stilts, fishing techniques or by how to row with a leg of local people. To avoid mass tourism, check with the customized travel agencies that provide a unique Burma trip.


Mandalay is the ancient capital of Burma, where a large number of amazing pagodas and temples located. The Mahamuni temple built in the 18th century is the great symbol of Mandalay. In this temple there is a Buddha statue that is 4m tall, weighs 6.5 tons and is covered with gold on 15cm. Every year Buddhists come to bring gold to decorate the statue.
Apart from the sacred pagodas of this Buddhist country, tourists should not miss the old bridge U Bein of the village Amarapura during their holidays in Burma. Located on Lake Taungthaman and built in 1849, this is the longest teak bridge in the world (1,2km). Immersing yourself in the twilight on this lake is truly an incredible experience, any visitor having the opportunity to admire it once will never forget it.

Mrauk U

As a wonder in the world, the temples of Mrauk U possesses a peaceful and aesthetic side that no one can ignore. Being lost in the Burmese jungle, you will have an extraordinary experience next to the ethnic groups of Khami village before visiting the circular pagoda of Ratanabon, the Andawthein hall...
Organize your own stay or request a customized trip to Myanmar from travel agencies in Asia to suit your choice and budget. However, it is recommended to ask the experts who can suggest itineraries and the destinations most suited to your needs. Hanoi travel is probably one of the best and most reliable professional Myanmar travel agencies in Vietnam that will help you discover the unusual places to visit in Myanmar.



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