How Much Does It Cost To Travel In Myanmar?

“How much does it cost to travel in Myanmar?” It seems to be your first concern when planning for a Burma trip. You may hear a lot of rumors that travel in Myanmar is so expensive. In fact, it is not out of reach of the average budget of a traveler if you are willing to relinquish the need for ultimate luxury, expensive and home comforts, and live simply as a local. Here are specific details about the cost of a Burma trip on a budget.


Burma travel costs about $35 per day on average, include food and drink. The rate of a double room at a low budget hotel is about the US $25. If you make your Myanmar solo travel, a single room whose rate is about five dollars lower than that of a double one may be a better choice. In case you choose a bed in a dorm, you will have to pay only less US $10.a
The price of food and drink is quite reasonable in local small restaurant and street food stalls. Beer is relatively cheap at about US $2 a bottle. Generally, you will have to pay more or less US $10 per day for food and drink in Myanmar.

Costs for travel in Myanmar per destination

The list below contains the main daily costs of popular destinations in Myanmar. The Burma currency is Kyat. The exchange rate between US Dollar and Myanmar Kyat is about one USD against 1,300 Kyat. However, many people will simply round one dollar up to 1,000 kyat in common transactions in Burma.
Generally, all accommodation rates and means of transport, such as domestic flights and buses are paid in dollar. Kyat is used for everything else such as street snacks, food, tuk tuks and guides.
For ease of reference, all transactions below are calculated in dollar. The rate of accommodation is for a single room unless otherwise stated.


Taxi from airport to city center: $10
Motherland Inn guesthouse per night: $10 (dorm) $25 (room)
Taxi within city center – average journey: $1.50


Bus from Yangon to Malaymine: $10
Tuk tuk to guesthouse: $1
Breeze Guesthouse per night: $25 (shared by 2)
Moto driver guide / moto hire: $7


Bus from Malaymine to Dawei: $13
Tuk tuk to guesthouse: $1
Coconut Bungalows Guesthouse per night: $20 (shared by 2)
Hire of moto for day tour: $7


Bus from Dawei to Myeik: $6
Tuk tuk to town centre/guesthouse: $4.50
Kyal Pyan Hotel per night: $40 (shared by 2)


Flight from Myeik to Yangon: $140
Motherland Inn guesthouse per night: $10 (dorm) $25 (room)


Bus from Yangon to Kalaw: $11
Golden Lily Guesthouse per night: $7
Three day, two night trek to Inle Lake: $50

Inle Lake

Aquarius Inn Guesthouse per night: $12 (single rate)
Full day boat tour: $15 (per boat)


Bus from Inle Lake to Bagan: $11
New Park Guesthouse per night: $20 (single rate)


Bus from Bagan to Mandalay: $9
Nylon Hotel: $20 (shared by 2)


Bus from Mandalay to Hsipaw: $6
Mr Charles Guesthouse: $10 (single) $7 (shared by 2)
Half day trek / half day boat trip: $18

Pyin Oo Lywn

Train from Hsipaw to Pyin Oo Lywn: $3

Golden Dream Guesthouse: $7 (shared by 2)


Bus from Pyin Oo Lywn to Mandalay: $1.50
Nylon Hotel: $15 (single rate)
Transfer bus to Mandalay airport: $4
The cost of your travel in Myanmar completely depends on your choices in the trip. The expenses we mentioned above are estimated for budget travel Myanmar, which may be very useful for you if you want to have an economical and reasonable Burma trip.

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