Low Budget Travel In Myanmar: What To Pack In Your Suitcase?

That's it, airline tickets are bought, hotels booked and your guide annotated with all the unmissable to visit during your stay. So it's time to make your suitcase. But what are you going to take with you? Here is a short guide to preparing your luggage before your low budget travel in Myanmar.

1. Clothes

Knowing what clothes to take for your Myanmar tour is certainly one of the most complicated things to be expected. Indeed, there are two essential things to take care: climate and religion.

If you decide to avoid the monsoon season, you will only have to provide clothes in which you will feel cool in case of high heat. Therefore, plan large clothes made of soft materials. If you are traveling in Burma between May and October, it may be a good idea to have an umbrella and a raincoat. Of course, if you have planned a stay by the sea, bathing suit and towel will be useful!

Keep in mind when you are having Burma tours that Burma is a Buddhist country in which the majority of tourist attractions are religious monuments. You will, therefore, be asked for a certain modesty; therefore, swap your little shorts and tank tops for long-sleeved but light clothes, and stockings covering at least the knees. Similarly, consider bringing a pair of easy-to-remove shoes for your low budget travel in Myanmar: you will have to remove them when you return to temples or homes.

2. Before your low budget travel in Myanmar: attention to small details

Apart from the clothes, and in addition to the necessary cameras and identity papers, there are various small objects which it would be wise to think to spend a good holiday in Burma.

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• In terms of electricity, we do not advise you to bring anything other than your phone and camera with you. Even if access to electricity in rural areas is more than uncertain, you will not find it hard to enjoy it in the big cities. The electrical outlets will normally be the same as in France, with a voltage of 220-240.
• For a successful Burmese experience, bring with you a small pharmacy kit with essential medicines, such as anti-nausea and anti-vomitives, feminine hygiene products or anti-mosquito. Think of sunscreen, as the sun is stronger in Burma than in Europe. You can also provide wet wipes, especially if you are going to visit rural areas.
• Myanmar is very poorly supplied in ATM machines compared to its neighbors such as Vietnam. Few hotels accept credit cards. So many travelers have a budget, which they bring with them in cash. Bring new (or closest) tickets, and 100USD tickets are the most popular.
• If you want to give gifts to your new Burmese friends, English magazines, school supplies such as pencils or notebooks and photos from your home country are much appreciated. If you have school materials with you, it is better to give them to parents or schools rather than directly to children, so as not to encourage them not to go to school.

(Photo: Hanoi Voyages - Mandalay - low budget travel in Myanmar)
Before your low budget travel in Myanmar, preparing your suitcase will be important. Do not make it more stressful than it is; if you forget something, as long as it is not your passport or your visa. Also, if you want to view climate information in Burma, click here: when to go to Myanmar. This info allows you to have a Myanmar travel more pleasantly without worry.

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