Sweet Desserts Of The Burmese Cuisine

In recent years, Burma is considered the rising star of tourism in Southeast Asia in particular and Asia in general. Sweet snacks are among the popular dishes of the gastronomy in Myanmar. Through the special dishes, travelers can see another Myanmar which is full of wealth in culinary culture.

Sweet snacks - They are quite common in Myanmar and are often taken for morning and afternoon tea. Unlike other desserts in Southeast Asia, snacks in Myanmar do not have too much sugar, but rather are a mixture of sweet ingredients such as coconut, coconut milk, rice flour and fruits.
The dishes are easily found in all street markets or tourist attractions in Myanmar. These desserts are indeed a unique souvenirs much appreciated by travelers in their Myanmar tours.

The sweet desserts in Myanmar have their own name: "Muon"

Sweet specialties testify to the rich food culture of Myanmar. So, do not hesitate to enjoy your Myanmar travel to fully explore the Burmese cuisine.

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