5 Unique Experiences In Luxury Myanmar Tours

Luxury Myanmar tours will bring you a unique experience in the country of golden pagodas. On a boat, on wheels, from the sky or simply on your feet, you can enjoy the most wonderful things of a charming Myanmar. Here are the most remarkable experiences we recommended for your Myanmar travel.

Take hot-air balloon in Bagan

The ancient city of Bagan is the home of more than 2,200 religious sites. If you are interested in discovering these majestic pagodas and temples in a very different way, it should be the time to take a hot air balloon experience in your luxury Myanmar tours.
As your balloon flies up in the blue sky, the view offers a stunning and pristine watercolor painting. From the sky, you will realize how impressive Bagan is! Magnificent temples and pagodas, idyllic villages where people are doing their daily tasks, the Irrawaddy River winding through the landscape to the horizon, all create an unforgettable memory in your Myanmar tours. Let yourself by be enchanted by legendary manmade constructions and breathtaking natural beauty in your Burma trip.

Have a boat journey to discover Inle Lake

Inle Lake may be the most famous tourist destination in Myanmar, located deep in Burma’s eastern Shan state. Gliding on the water on a local boat, you can admire the amazingly beautiful landscape, picturesque villages perched on stilts, chatting with locals and observing their daily life. During the boat trip, stop a moment to explore wonderful ancient monasteries and pagodas on the way. In addition, the view of the leg-rowing fisherman standing up on their boats to give a glimpse on the fishes under blue clear water is certainly one of the most unique and amazing ones in your Burma tours.
In the morning time, you will see the farmers starting their work on their floating gardens, the children going to school and the monks preparing for prayers. In the afternoon, you can hear the sound of nature such as the birdsongs from the tree canopies and the splashes of water in the peaceful environment.

Cross the U Bien Bridge at sunrise and sunset

Your luxury Myanmar tours seem not to be perfect if you do not cross the U Bien, the longest teak bridge in the world, which is of up to 1,200m over the Taungthaman Lake, near Amarapura – the ancient Burmese capital. U Bien Bridge is constructed in the mid-1800s on over a thousand teak piles.
The bridge is crossed by local people every day to sell their products in the other side of the lake. In your trip to U Bien, get up to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere on the bridge over sunrise and admire a red and yellow dazzling sunset on the lake, which are memorable experiences in your lifetime.

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Ascend the Mount Popa

Mount Popa is a dramatic extinct volcano with 777 steps, located an hour driving from Bagan. Sacred Popa monastery entirely surrounded by sheer cliff faces offers stunning views stretching infinitely on the plains of the Bagan area and the Irrawaddy River. On the way of between 3 and 4-hour climbing, you can admire the splendid natural beauty of Myanmar adorned by colorful butterflies and flying birds.
Starting a journey from old Bagan to Mount Popa, you will go through villages and rural farms where you can watch women making handicraft and their children playing around. Stop for lunch in a nice local restaurant and contemplate the wonderful view overlooking the volcano, and then start the ascent and explore the hidden treasures of Mount Popa.

Try the horse cart in Bagan

Horse cart is a unique and original way to visit Bagan that you should not miss in your luxury Myanmar tours. Relax on a comfortable bench; enjoy the view from the open sides and listen your driver’s interesting stories and legends about ancient Burmese and the history of the temples. On your own path, you can decide to stop at anywhere to take pictures and explore a particular place.
This flexible and ecological transport will take you to little villages where you will be able to enjoy a hot tea cup while taking with friendly locals. If intend to contemplate sunset or sunrise, your horse will take you to the most magnificent places to catch the breathtaking scenery of oranges and yellow colors illuminating the temples and covering the horizon.
Luxury Myanmar tours are full of surprises and joys one you open your soul and mind to admire a range of cultural heritage and beautiful sites in the country. During your Burma trip, these experiences will give you the extraordinary freedom to discover amazing things.

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