6 Things To Know When Making A Myanmar Travel Tour

Myanmar is well known as the “beautiful sleeping girl” among the noisy and chaotic Indochina. It remains the charm of yesteryear with tranquil rural areas, ancient pagodas and temples and the beauty of the natural scenery in the peaceful atmosphere. Knowing the following will make you understand better about Myanmar, and therefore your Myanmar travel tour may be more interesting and perfect.

1. The New Year celebration last 4 days

The New Year (Thingyan) is a great holiday to the Burmese. "Thingyan" is known as the Water Festival, usually held in April every year. On this day, all units, including banks, restaurants, shops, are closed. Two cities where the greatest water festivals take place are Yangon (30 km from Martaban Bay) and Mandalay (716 km north of Yangon). During the festival, people often splash water to each other to wash away the bad luck and sins of the previous year and set free for birds and fish on the last day of the festival.

2. Myanmar has hundreds of beaches

Myanmar has a coastline of up to 2,000 km. Most of the beaches here face the west, so visitors can admire the magnificent sunset on the sea. The most famous beach is Ngapali with white sandbank stretching over 3 km, located just 45 minutes from Yangon, or pristine Ngwe Saung beach, also called Silver Sea, just 5 hours driving from Yangon, The sand bank stretches 13 km, and it is considered the longest beach in Asia. In your Myanmar travel tour, going to these beaches for relaxation will be surely a wonderful experience.

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3. Bring cash with you

Myanmar has very few ATMs; as a result, it’s better for you to bring a fair amount of cash during your Myanmar travel tour. Make sure that your banknotes are not torn, crumpled or have any strange mark. If not, they will be refused in transactions. Credit cards are currently only accepted at upmarket hotels and large restaurants.

4. Hotel price is 'exorbitant'

Room rates in Myanmar have increased remarkably over the last years as businessmen and tourists have flocked into Myanmar since the country opened up. A standard double room at big cities such as Mandalay can cost you at least 40 USD per night. The number of visitors has soared while the number of rooms remains the same, which results in the escalating prices. Many new hotels are under construction but need time to complete. It’s anticipated that hotel shortage in Myanmar will continue for another 10 years.
However, many hotels are rapidly expanding, upgrading to not miss the opportunity to provide a great number of accommodations for visitors. They do extensive construction and repair but simultaneously welcome guests as usually. Therefore, before booking room for your Myanmar travel, you should check carefully whether the hotel is doing any construction or not to make your stay far away from the site.


5. Burmese men’s traditional costume is skirt

When you are in your Myanmar travel, you may be surprised by Burmese men wearing skirts. Indeed, Burmese traditional attire for both men and women here is "longyi" skirt, which is a large piece of fabric wrapping around the body. However, men and women wear it in different ways. For men, the piece of fabric will be tied at the front while it will be folded and sewn to a side to women.
Particularly, the Burmese men in cities only put on underwear under longyi skirts when traveling on streets. In rural areas, wearing underwear is less common with both men and women. To the Burmese, "Longyi is a very effective way to withstand the hot weather in Myanmar, especially in the summer with the temperatures up to 40 ° C.

6. Strange eating habits

If you are making your Myanmar travel tour, do not forget that you are only allowed to eat with your right hand there, because according to Burmese culture, left hand is only for personal hygiene activities.
A typical meal in Myanmar consists of rice, fish, meat, vegetables and soup. Burmese people often use their hands to roll the rice into small balls and then eat with vegetables. You should be aware that Buddhists often do not eat beef, and Muslims do not eat pork in Myanmar.
A Myanmar travel tour will be the great opportunity to discover a charming Myanmar with its unique culture. The above information may be very useful for your Burma tours. If you trip are arranged by Myanmar travel tour companies, do not hesitate to require some brochures or ask the tour guide to better understand about the beautiful country.

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