Myanmar Travel Vaccinations Are Recommended For A Safe Burma Trip

Myanmar is a ‘gateway’ South East Asian country with its own distinct cultural characteristics and spectacular scenery, which attracts a great number of visitors every year. If you are planning for a Burma trip, it will be essential for you to ensure that your health would be well protected in the trip. As a result, we want to provide some general advice on Myanmar travel vaccinations that may be recommended for you before your Myanmar travel.

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a common disease all over the world, which can be passed on through contaminated food or water while you are in your Myanmar travel. You should get vaccinated against Hepatitis A before leaving your country.


Typhoid is also present in Myanmar, and you may be infected by Typhoid virus through drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated food. It will be highly recommended for you to get the vaccine against this disease if you traveling to rural areas, visit relatives and friends in Myanmar, or if you want to try local food not to be guaranteed.


Among Myanmar travel vaccinations recommended, the vaccine against Malaria should be your first concern as Malaria transmitted to humans by mosquito bite, and mosquitoes are very common in various areas of Myanmar, especially the border ones around Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. You can apply east protections against mosquito bite such as using a mosquito net, wearing long, loose clothing and using repellent.
Avoiding mosquito bites, or at least minimizing the number of bites, will also help you avoid other mosquito-borne illnesses such as Japanese Encephalitis and dengue fever that may also be very common over Myanmar.

Japanese Encephalitis

Japanese Encephalitis is a flu-like virus, which can become very serious. If your Myanmar travel lasts over one month, especially taking place during particular times of the year (the virus ‘transmission season’), or if you visiting rural areas, staying outdoors or going camping/hiking etc, this vaccine may be recommended for you.


Rabies does exist in Myanmar and can infect travelers via stray dogs, bats or other mammals. The following groups of travelers are recommended to have the rabies vaccine before their Burma tours – as they could have a higher risk of contracting Rabies via a bite:
- Travelers participate in outdoor and other activities (such as hiking, camping, adventure travel, biking, and caving).
- People who will work around or with animals.
- People who take their long Burma trip.

Quick travel notes

Besides being concerned with the mentioned Myanmar travel vaccinations, it’s better for you to pay attention to the following notes in your Myanmar trip.
- Ensure you are up to date with childhood vaccinations
- Avoid mosquito bites where possible
- Practice proper food safety and hygiene such as drinking boiled or bottled water, hand washing and eating in cleaner looking restaurants when possible
We expect that the advice on Myanmar travel vaccinations may be useful for you so that your Burma trip will be really safe and interesting.

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