Burmese Culture: Eating With The Right Hand?

Each country has its own traditions. During your Myanmar trip, the land of golden temples, you will not cease to be surprised by the original and unique Burmese culture.

Eating habits

The people of Myanmar eat only two meals a day at 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. They are actually lunch and a snack.
A typical Burmese meal includes steamed rice, fish, meat, vegetables and soup, and all dishes arrive at the same time. Meals are served with plenty of condiments - sweet and savory - and everyone has their own favorite way to personalize a dish.
In Myanmar, people do not eat rice with chopsticks. Indeed, they use their fingers to squeeze rice into small cubes and mix with other dishes. In front of each person is a water pot. Before eating, they wash their hands.
As elsewhere, Buddhists generally avoid eating beef and Muslims do not eat pork.

Only Eat with your right hand

Eating with the left hand in Myanmar is considered an unpleasant action because the left hand is only for personal hygiene. As a result, make sure to use your right hand when you when handle food or give someone money during your Myanmar travel.

Eating with your right hand
You tours in Burma will offer you the opportunity to explore all aspects of the land of golden temples. Even if you are only a traveler, when you are in Burma, do as the Burmese. It is a way of integrating you into the Burmese culture and the life of people in Myanmar.


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