Myanmar Travel Advice On Planning Your Successful Trip

Nicknamed “the beautiful sleeping girl”, Myanmar has become more and more attractive destination for traveler all over the world with its beautiful natural landscapes, magnificent ancient pagodas and temples, and the unique Burmese culture. If you are planning for a Burma trip, the following Myanmar travel advice will certainly help you a lot to have a successful travel experience in Myanmar.


Before your Myanmar travel, getting a tourist visa should be your first concern. It’s favorable that citizens of 100 countries can apply online for a tourist e-visa via Myanmar’s Ministry of Immigration and Population website ( However, visitors can only enter Myanmar on an e-visa at Mandalay, Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw international airports; and at three land border sites between Thailand and Myanmar, including Tachileik, Myawadi (Myawaddy) and Kawthoung (Kawthaung).


As the number of tourists to Myanmar has been increasing greater, major destinations such as Yangon and Bagan have faced a shortage of hotel rooms even though many new hotels are being built. Accommodation in Yangon is commonly all booked up as far as a month in advance, particularly if it is listed in a guidebook. As a result, we suggest that you should book your room in advance as soon as you can, especially ahead the high season (November to March). Most hotels can be booked online, so you can easily choose suitable rooms depending on your taste and budget before your Myanmar travel.
In some rural areas, it’s the very useful Myanmar travel advice that you can stay at monasteries for a small fee. You should find out carefully some Myanmar travel information about the monasteries where you make your accommodation via local guides or travel agencies.
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The Kyat is the official monetary unit of Myanmar (1USD = 1,366 Kyat). In general, you can use both Dollar and Kyat in most transactions during your Burma trip; however, some places only accept the Kyat. Therefore, you need to change your currency into the local one in the shops around the Market Sule Paya and Bogyoke Aung San in Yangon.
It’s good to know that at Yangon International Airport, you can only exchange an amount of money from $ 100. We advise you to bring US dollars in denominations of $ 100, which are new, not ragged or curly. If not, your banknotes will be refused.
Credit cards are accepted mostly only in top-end hotels. Some travel agents in Mandalay and Yangon also take them, usually charging a small fee for purchasing flights.

Keep in touch

You can easily to buy SIM card in Mandalay and Yangon that will enable you to make calls and access the internet.
Free wifi is available in most hotels, guesthouses and coffee shops. However, tightly squeezed bandwidth and power outages can make using the internet in Myanmar become an unpleasant experience.


Buses and trains are two major means of transportation in Myanmar. Buses are almost always faster than the trains, but bus rides are bumpy, which is really terrible to visitors who suffer motion sickness. Traveling by boat is a good choice for some routes, such as Mandalay–Bagan. Notice that all travels in Myanmar take time (it’s a nine-hour bus trip from Yangon to Mandalay, for example) unless you fly.
Yangon International Airport is the main hub for domestic flights, and there are a number of flights to the main centers of the country. Local airlines include Air Bagan ( and Myanmar National Airlines ( It will cost less for you if you book domestic flights via agencies once you are in Myanmar.
Above is some useful Myanmar travel information for you. In addition, we suggest that you should consult experienced visitors or famous bloggers so that you can be given precious and practical Myanmar travel advice for a successful trip.

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