Myanmar- The Sacred Land Of Buddhism

Myanmar is the sacred land of Buddhism with thousands of temples and pagodas. The Buddhist religion with its rich history and cultural traditions which have experienced ups and downs are wholly preserved.

Buddhism - the national religion of Myanmar

In Myanmar, nearly 90% of the population is Buddhist. The compassionate spirit of Buddhism has deeply permeated all the souls of Myanmar. Here, the social life of people is built entirely on the basis of Buddhism. Burmese people often participate in charity activities. Every city has at least a temple and a Buddhist monastery.
Buddhism has a significant influence on Myanmar. Major festivals or important events of life such as marriage, funeral ceremony and relocation are often associated with the Buddhist calendar. There are thousands of temples and pagodas in this country. As a result, just like Cambodia, Myanmar is also known as the country of the temples.
Many Burmese temples are built on the highest mountain peaks, which gives them exceptional landscapes. At the entrance to temples, there are many stalls selling large flowers, foliage, candles, golden sheaves, umbrellas, small fans with colored paper to offer to the Buddha. The shoes of believers remain outside.


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Lifestyle of Buddhists in Burma

Today the country has about 500,000 monks and nuns.
Temples should contribute effectively to the education work in Myanmar. During the holidays, men and women go to the pagoda for listening to monks’ sermons. Children are also sent to temples for theology courses and to learn to read and write.
Under Prime Minister Ne Win, Buddhism in Myanmar had been included in the Constitution as a state religion, but the government then withdrew this provision to ensure the equality of religions.
Myanmar also has many monasteries - the abode of monks. Many religious ceremonies, including the sacrifices and ceremonies of vows, are held very solemnly in the monasteries.
In sacred land, many Buddhist institutes are open in large cities to train high-qualified teachers for the religious province. In Yangon, there is even an international university for foreign students coming from countries such as Vietnam, China, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, etc.
Shwedagon (Golden Temple) Pagoda in Yangon is one of the largest temples in Myanmar. It was built 2500 years ago. It is located on a hill and covered with diamonds, rubies, jade and other precious stones. The temple covered with gold shines in the sun during the day and the electric light illuminates it at night.

Temple of the Lying Buddha

The Kyaikhtyo Pagoda is one of the outstanding wonders of the world. It was built on a large yellow rock above the cliff, which gives it a spectacular view.

Myanmar fascinates visitors with its cultural beauty and charm of yesteryear. Traveling to Myanmar means entering a sacred land where Buddhist practices are deeply rooted in the daily life of the Burmese.



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