Ancharm Myanmar provides the country’s visitors with all the up-to-date information, coups de Coeur, and cultural knowledge so that they can really enjoy their tour in the country.
More than a blog, Ancharm Myanmar offers outstanding services to create with the visitors the trip in Myanmar of their dream.
Providing an unbeatable value, outstanding accommodations and the best tour guides and activities to help the visitors to discover Myanmar and its culture, Ancharm Myanmar is the privileged partner to create a one-of-a-lifetime experience in an attractive yet exotic destination.

In 2007, Pham Dac Kham created Hanoi Voyages, a travel agency located in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city. His aim was to provide first-class services to customers from the Occident, by organizing for them and with them tailor-made trips to Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. 10 years later, Hanoi Voyages has grown up to become one of the leading travel agencies in Indochina. Based on the talent and professionalism of multi-lingual experts on the region, Hanoi Voyages helps thousands of people every year to organize the trip of their dream in South-East Asia.

With the emergence of Myanmar as a safe and open country, Hanoi Voyages had the project to expand its activities to this beautiful yet unknown country. Hanoi Voyages willingness to help discover the Sacred Ground of Buddhism, South-East Asia sleeping beauty, led the company to create Ancharm Myanmar.

Don’t hesitate. Contact us now, and receive a free quote in 48 hours. With Ancharm Myanmar, the Land of Golden Pagoda is just one click away!

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